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Since 1973 Borgini Jersey

Borgini Jersey S.r.l. was founded in November 1973 in Como, in one of the most innovative and important areas of the textile sector for Italy and Europe.
The goal of Borgini Jersey was to provide innovative products with high quality standards, in compliance with international principles. Since the beginning this vision was brought to reality thanks to the passion and synergy developed within the company, both for technical /productive part and commercial staff.

Starting with the production of greige for converters, then moving along to the production of greige for printing and for dyeing, while remaining within the same market. Since the 80s the company decided to differentiate from competitors, shifting its production to a particular polymer, the polyester. The combination between clothing sector knowledge and new requests for technical fibers led to the creation of new types of cutting edge products that have spread across the entire global market.


Years of experience



Always in continuous cycle machining

Years of experience

Which has led to a high quality production standard


In continuous training for optimal resultse

A full range of the newest machinery at continuous-cycle for the quickest response.

Borgini Jersey is nowadays one of the leading manufacturers for circular knitwear fabrics. It operates at international levels in all markets, and its fabrics are a symbol of novelty, quality and innovation

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