Every sport has its own technicity, thanks to our experience in this world, we are able to support you suggesting the best product for your project.


With 72 different colors coming from our color card, we can offer 5 different bases with a wonderful stock service, 


As a family business we are really interested in our future and of the next generations.

The constant innovation and the exclusive differentiation of the product are the strength of the company. Indeed, the company owns a full range (more than 70 different types) of the newest machinery at continuous-cycle.

Among them, there are single knitted loom from 28 gauge to 50 gauge, double knitted loom from 20 gauge to 44 gauge, electronic jacquards for a custom personalization.

Providing innovative products with a high quality standard





A full range of the newest machinery at continuous-cycle for the quickest response

Borgini Jersey is nowadays one of the leading manufacturers for circular knitwear fabrics. It operates at international levels in all markets, and its fabrics are a symbol of novelty, quality and innovation.

Rombino Wool Cordura

Reversible fabric with a dual structure: merino wool guarantees natural thermoregulation of the body, Cordura polyamide increases levels of resistance to pilling and abrasion.

  • Merino Wool 52% 52%
  • Polyamide cordura 48% 48%

We are always looking for new technologies to provide our customers the ultimate innovation

Our products are the result between creativity and technical knowledge. We have a wide stock of printing bases, and for some of our fabrics we offer a colour chart service.

Fabrics for sport

Best performances like breathability and protection

Clothing fabrics

Large assortment of textiles in colour and style

Beachwear fabrics

Lightness and freshness for hot summer days

Athleisure fabrics

Quality and comfort that allow movement

Bonded fabrics

The unique features of two fabrics within one


A second skin,
breathable and soft

Fabrics in Green Line

Save the world

Sustainability is not just the simple use of eco-sustainable or recycled yarns, but for us is a real philosophy and company lifestyle. The environmental care and planet protection are an important part of our production, starting from the simple research of partners who share our same principles.

Characteristics of the fabrics

Circular mesh fabrics; textiles with highly different performances depending on the use of synthetic and natural fibers and according to the structure. They are ideal for any type of sport, fashionable clothing or beachwear.

The unique characteristics of different polymers in fabrics:

Recycled polyamide

The fiber is obtained from amino-group macromolecules and the result is a textile with a high resistance to breaking, deformation and abrasion. Excellent degree of dyeability and with vast chromatic range possibilities, it is also very soft.

Recycled polyester

The fabric is made of synthetic fibers, obtained from macromolecules consisting of polyethylene terephthalate, available both as a spun yarn or as continuous filament yarn, flat or texturize. It can be smooth or textured, perfect to combine technical-functional features with the comfort of today’s clothing.

The advantages of polyamide

High resistance to breakage
High resistance to deformation
High resistance to pilling
High resistance to abrasion
Fast drying
Vast chromatic range

The advantages of polyester

Good resistance to breakage
Good resistance to deformation
Good resistance to pilling
High resistance to abrasion
Excellent breathability
Fast drying

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