When creativity meets knowledge and experience

Our product development is the result of creativity combined with technical knowledge and experience. For these reasons the staff and the employees are fundamental for the company, adding a real value that differentiate Borgini Jersey from its competitors.
Our strength is the constant innovation and exclusive differentiation of product and that’s why our company features a full range of more that 70 different types of machinery.

We provide excellent fabrics, thanks to the fineness obtained from our single knitted or double knitted looms.



We feature single knitted structures passing from 28 gauge to 50 gauge, double knitted structures from 20 gauge to 44 gauge, electronic jacquards for custom personalization.

The fabric collection covers different sectors of clothing, from sport to fashion, beachwear and underwear.

Borgini Jersey works in the production of mainly synthetic fabrics, paying particular attention to polyester and polyamide. However, we can also provide articles made of different yarn such as wool, cotton, microdal, etc. in addition to the possibility of enhancing the fabrics with noble or particular fibers such as carbon, X-Static, bioceramic polyester/polyamide, and Litrax.