Save the world

Fabrics available in recycled version

As a family business we are really interested in our future and of the next generations. The project “Save the world” is born exactly from this point. The company itself is the first to invest in the present in order to live in a better future, setting a sustainable chain and activating green policies. 

Care and preservation of the ecosystem depend on mankind; in order to protect the environment, Borgini Jersey collaborates with partners and suppliers who adhere to the same principles, to achieve a reduction in pollution and productive waste.

Starting from 2020, in order to safeguard energy and the environment, Borgini Jersey uses electricity derived exclusively from renewable sources.
From 2021, our daily needs are 50% covered by solar panels.

We carry out collection and sorting of materials to ensure perfect recycling as well as having significantly decreased packaging and packing materials. Our raw materials come from selected partners who supply us with recycled yarns made from both polyester and polyamide.